China has accused the United States of “tens of thousands” of cyber attacks

China has accused the United States of “tens of thousands” of cyber attacks

The Nasa Tao allegedly stole sensitive data from Xi’an University: this is yet another accusation of espionage between the two countries.

China has accused the United States of spying on universities, energy companies, and launching “tens of thousands of cyber attacks to hack sensitive data”. According to a report from the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center, the United States allegedly hacked into the computers of the Northwestern Polytechnical University of Xi’an. University funded by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies with particular know-how in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors. University that, according to US officials, also carries out military research. The US actions “seriously endanger China’s national security,” the foreign ministry spokesman said Mao Ning, who also accused Washington of wiretapping. “China strongly condemns the United States,” he said And. “They should immediately stop stealing secrets and attacking other countries.”

According to the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center report, NASA’s Bureau of Tailored Access Operations (TAO) infiltrated university networks, took control of tens of thousands of network devices, and obtained the access to basic technical data. According to reports from the Chinese agency, the Tao has also stolen over 140 gigabytes of high-value data in recent years.

Cyber ​​warfare between China and the United States

In 2013, the Mandiat Report, an American company specializing in cyber security and cyber crime, accused the Chinese Institute of Shanghai, APT1, of having intercepted confidential communications. The hacker attacks against Microsoft have also been blamed on the Chinese government, which allegedly breached Redmond’s email systems. In response, Beijing last year accused Equation Group, a hacker group that is part of the US National Security Agency (NSA), of using a backdoor to monitor 45 countries.

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In March, the Chinese cybersecurity company Qihoo 360 always blamed the NSA for stealing critical data and backing a group of pirates attacking Chinese companies. The FBI, in response, revealed that it is constantly (about every twelve hours) opening new cases to thwart China’s hacking operations. The list is long. An underground war for data control is being fought.

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