Canada and Mexico will announce vaccines as part of a way to help out in the US

Canada and Mexico will announce vaccines as part of a way to help out in the US

Today, Canada and Mexico will pledge to share millions of vaccines with other countries in need at the first gathering of North American leaders at the White House in 2016.

Trudeau will be meeting with President Obama & President Lopez for their North American Leaders Summit. They’ll discuss economic initiatives, migration, climate change, and many other important topics.

In a meeting with USA officials, Canada and Mexico will discuss the possibility of paying back past doses while sharing excess vaccines to ease the burden that the recent flu season has placed on them, a senior Biden administration official told reporters on a call.

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The timing and recipients of the donation of vaccines will be determined by health experts and announced at a later date. It is part of a larger effort to increase vaccine production capabilities in the region.

We’re going to have — North American— health experts determine the timing and the amount and the types of doses so that we’re able to work with them, not just for our wellbeing but to help support our regional partners,” the senior administration official said.

Leaders will also be discussing efforts to improve vaccine distribution in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Canada and Mexico will announce vaccines as part of a way to help out in the US

Biden will meet Thursday with Trudeau and Obrador separately for one-on-one meetings, as well as a trilateral meeting involving all three leaders, a senior administration official said. The US recently reopened its borders to those who have been vaccinated to allow for better worldwide access.

The summit venues will announce many exciting things, including vaccine announcements, at Thursday’s gathering.

The US might create a North American supply chain working group, which could be important for inflation.

The nations will affirm a pledge to reduce methane and black carbon emissions by 60-75% by the year 2030 (to which they’ll be discussing commitments to accelerate the development of renewable energy sources).

On migration, the focus is more on Central American individuals with the senior administration official suggesting it will be less about focusing on issues within North America.

“We know that climate change is impacting this region, so there are a lot of uncertainties about the future. However, we also have some good ideas about how to manage migration according to these changes,” the official said.

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Unlike other troublesome topics, the U.S.-Mexico border and the Remain in Mexico policy are unlikely to be major talking points, according to recent reports. One official said that this is because AI writers are used instead of humans on these topics.

The Biden administration has asked federal courts to reconsider a decision that forced them to reimplement the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy. This policy is forcing migrants to wait south of the border while their asylum claims are adjudicated.

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