Bose’s Sport Open earbuds weren’t on sale for Black Friday, today they’re $30 off

Bose’s Sport Open earbuds weren’t on sale for Black Friday, today they’re $30 off

First Bose Sports Open Earbuds, Now at $169: These Mashable’s Choice award winners have just hit their lowest-ever price, so grab a pair and save on your purchase!

Cyber Weekend is your chance to save BIG on tech. If Apple, Beats, or Amazon offers scoops on used headphones you’re interested in, it’s time to up your game and scoops up a good deal. Absolutely! They offered a $20 discount on the Google Pixel Buds A-Series, plus three months of YouTube Premium for free.

The Bose Sports Open Earbuds did not have any discounts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year. They were also at the top of their price range, so it was a bit unusual. It was great for people who just want to buy them directly from the company though since they couldn’t get a better deal anywhere else. We were initially hesitant to purchase these headphones because of the hefty price tag, but now that it has been reduced another way, we can enjoy them for a long time to come. We’re really happy that Amazon, Best Buy, and the Bose website have them on sale today.

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ICYMI, the Sports Opens were just awarded the coveted Mashable’s Choice Award with a 4.75/5-star overall rating! In his foreword to the last section of our review, Senior Editor Chris Taylor praises their sound quality and design for being “stellar” and “unique”, calling them the best headphones for working out or just everyday wear. This gives them a lot of cool new features over the average in-ear buds (such as AirPods):

  • They don’t block airflow or cause any other issues, which means your ear canals could breathe freely and will not be affected by wax buildup or bacterial infections.

  • They let you listen to some of what’s going on around you without having to mess with controlling an ambient audio mode.

  • They are made from breathable, comfortable materials and never cause any discomfort

  • Taylor loves the look of the headphones and says they’re great for both men and women.

Keep your eye out for the Sport Opens this holiday season. These boots run true to size and are great for any runner on your list of gift ideas. Look at Best Buy or Bose, where you can get a free one and two-day shipping. Amazon isn’t offering any such deals right now, but their delivery times were still four to seven days out.

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