Black Friday has arrived and you could really be in for something special. Get your Dell XPS 15 laptop for under $1,500!

Black Friday has arrived and you could be in for something special. Get your Dell XPS 15 laptop for under $1,500!

Get a high-end Dell XPS 15 with an unbeatable Black Friday deal this year.

Black Friday deals are underway now, so there’s never been a better time to go shopping for the perfect laptop.

If you want Dell’s top laptop recommendation, look no further at this discount deal on sale, which offers their Dell XPS 15 with a reduced price of $1,665 from the original $2,199. Cutting the cost like this is like hitting the power button on your laptop twice in quick succession. There is an additional savings of $534 when you shop on compared to their retail store price, but make sure to get your hands on this laptop before it’s too late!

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The reason these discounts are so high is that the models on offer here are slightly older than the ones you can find at other stores. The newest processors and graphic cards available in the XPS 15 are only available in the newest models. The good news is they still come with a significant discount.

But in practical terms, the older Dell XPS 15 is still a superb laptop. It blends plenty of mobile performance with an excellent design and an excellent keyboard & screen.

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The machine’s specs differ for the cheaper model and the more expensive model. The cheaper Intel Core i7 CPU and 16GB of RAM are great for most tasks, as long as some things don’t demand a lot of attention at once. For those things, some extra power like a Core i9 CPU and 32GB of RAM will come in handy.

The Dell XPS 15 is a well-rounded laptop for all tasks. Not only is it suitable for work, but it’s also an excellent choice for everyday use. And if you’re shopping on a budget, this affordable notebook will save you hundreds of dollars throughout its lifespan.

If you’re not convinced the XPS 15 is for you, come check out our round-up of the best Black Friday laptop deals.

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