Attack on the Metaverse, a bomb against virtual reality explodes inside Northeastern University

Attack on the Metaverse, a bomb against virtual reality explodes inside Northeastern University

The letter accompanying the package bomb attacked Mark Zuckerberg and listed the risks associated with augmented reality.

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A parcel bomb exploded in the center of Holmes Hall in Northeastern University of Boston, United States. The news of the attack has only circulated in the last few hours but from the first reconstruction it seems to date back to the evening of Tuesday 13 September (local time). The attack had nothing personal against the university scholars. It was a message against technological progress and was the first physical attack on Metaverso. Along with the rigid plastic bag, in fact, there was a confused note that attacked the CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg and stressed the dangers associated with augmented reality.

The package exploded around 19 and it was enough to open it to trigger the explosion. The postman was injured in the hands. “He has sustained minor injuries and is on treatment,” he explained to him Shannon Nargi, spokesman for Northeastern University. Investigations are now underway, and the Boston FBI is working with its Joint Terrorism Task Force team.

Northeastern University was not chosen at random. It is home to several projects and structures dedicated to virtual reality, such as theImmersive Media Labs Suitededicated to the development of AR / VR / XR and 360 video. It also houses a student organization that offers free access to VR hardware.

Metaverse is already available for cows (but it’s pure dystopia)

The entrance to Northeastern University

The entrance to Northeastern University

The Unabomber model

The similarities with the Unabomber attacks are there. Theodore John Kaczynski, was a former US academic mathematician who sent explosive mailing packages to combat the dangers of technological advancement. In eighteen years he killed three people and injured 23.

It seems that the attack on Northeastern University inherits Unabomber’s paranoid theories. According to the authorities, another suspicious package was also found near the Museum of Fine Arts, not far from the Campus, which was neutralized by the bomb squad.

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