Apple has removed the largest Russian social network from the App Store

Apple has removed the largest Russian social network from the App Store

It will no longer be possible to download the apps of the Vk group, VKontakte. It is yet another stance: Apple has already suspended its payment services in Russia at the beginning of the year.

Vk apps have been removed fromApp Store. In order to understand each other, VKontakte, the flagship social network of the Vk group, is a sort of Russian Facebook, and this is yet another counter-move launched by the West. It is a very long wave, eight months after the start of the war, the closure of Vk apps is part of an escalation of “tech” wounds that seek to stem and punish Russia.

Apple ousted VK-related apps from its Apple Store, hence the users iPhone they will not be able to download these software onto their devices. The platform, however, said it will continue to develop updates for iOS in the future as well. An investment that speaks for itself, according to Vk, sooner or later, Cupertino will change his policy. The Russian Ministry of Digital Affairs he told state news agency RT that he fails to understand “the reasons for the elimination of VK applications”.

Apple’s latest attack

It is part of a long escalation. Since the beginning of this year, since the beginning of the war, Russia has blocked American social networks such as Instagram , Facebook e Twitter. In response, the United States and other governments have sanctioned companies and executives in the tech universe affiliated with the Russian government, including the CEO of the VK group. VK is the second largest Russian Internet company after Yandex, the national version of Google. The social media company was created in 2006 by Pavel Durov, now he runs Telegram. Not only. Earlier this year, Apple stopped selling its products in the country, and made some Russian news apps inaccessible. Soon after he prevented Russian banks from using Google Pay e Apple Pay .

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The VK universe

Russian users who use its Apple devices will therefore not be able to access apps related to the VK group, and in particular VKontakte. But there are also, VK Music e Youla, In some cases the apps seem to continue to work, but without notifications and the ability to make payments. Vk also told the Russian news agency Interfaxto have completed the sale of the gaming business of My.Games to the head of LETA Capital Alexander Chachavaa Russian businessman who lives on Isole Cayman. The operation of 642 million dollars. This platform is regarded as the Russian alternative to Steam ed Epic Games Store. Vk had conquered an increasingly important position in the Apple world. In fact, starting last year, users who installed a new iPhone in Russia had the possibility of accessing a screen where all the apps in the group were reported.

More and more the blows and lashes in the ether represent very well the clear division of two poles. And the inability to communicate is shown precisely on those platforms that previously connected and now divide.

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