Anonymous attacks the Kremlin: “The personal data of all the reservists called by Putin stolen”

Anonymous attacks the Kremlin: “The personal data of all the reservists called by Putin stolen”

The information was released by one of the accounts who worked the most in the cyber campaign against Russia. In any case, the information published must be verified.

Year of birth: 1996, 1988, 1987. Children and young adults. All between 20 and 35 years old. They are the reservists of Vladimir Putin, the first to be called to war. Those who have already done military service, have training and are capable of handling a weapon. A list that has now been released by one of the most credible accounts of Anonymous, the hacker collective that has started a cyber attack campaign against Russia since last February. This campaign took the name of #OpRussia and in recent days it has also been countered against the Tehran government.

Il number of reservists contained in the list coincides with that indicated by Putin in the speech in which he announced the partial mobilization of the country for this conflict: in all, the hackers claim to have the data of 305,925 Russian citizens in their hands. In addition to the preview, Anonymous has also provided a link to download the complete list with all the names. The file weighs 90MB and is spread through Proton Drive, a system that is supposed to guarantee end-to-end encryption.

Doubts about the origin of the data

The thefts of this type of information are now complex to analyze. In the markets of the dark web in which data stolen from companies are sold, it often happens to run into self-styled experts who announce amazing thefts but who in fact have never broken a protocol. Their archives are built by putting together portions of data already disclosed previously and therefore, in fact, uninteresting.

The yellow of data stolen from TikTok: a hacker group claims to have stolen 790 GigaByte but the company denies

L’account @YourAnonTV however, he seems certain of the origin of this information: “The collective #Anonymous hacked the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense and leaked the data of 305,925 people who could be called in the first of the three waves of mobilization.” Confirmation can only come from the Russian authorities but it is likely that they deny everything or simply do not comment on the news.

@YourAnonTV is a Twitter account with over 397,000 followers. As expected, Anonymous has no official channels, anyone can choose to hide behind their mask. This is not the biggest of those related to network of cyberactivists but in the campaign against Russia he became the protagonist of one of the most spectacular actions of the collective: hacking on state TV which for a few minutes interrupted the programs to broadcast videos on the war in Ukraine.

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