An Italian youtuber built a guitar using 6,000 Lego bricks

An Italian youtuber built a guitar using 6,000 Lego bricks

Pietro Morello’s lutherie projects did not end there: now he plans to build a piano made entirely of plastic bricks.

A Squier Telecaster, made with 6000 bricks Lego, in twelve hours. It is the latest feat of Pietro Morello, youtuber, tiktoker and musician. “He is like Frankenstein”, he laughs at the beginning of the video, “and it works!”. Everything comes from a promise. On June 5th Morello publishes on his he channel YouTube a video where he builds and plays the piano produced by Lego. Then he launches the challenge: “If it reaches 50,000 likes I’m building a real one “. Three days are enough. Now the video on Youtube scores 57,618 likes. “I’ll do the piano, but as you can imagine it will take a long time”. While waiting for him, however, he chooses to satisfy the interests of his followers by building a perfectly functioning Lego guitar.

It is not the first time, they had already done it, “but a wooden form was used on which Lego were then added”, explains Morello, “I will make it entirely with Lego bricks”. The project was carried out with the help of BrixLabcontent creator who uses Legos to build anything.

The guitar that becomes a work of art

The video shows each step, from the choice of the model, to the recovery of the Legos up to the assembly. After ten hours the body of the guitar is there. Then you mount the neck and finally the strings. “She is beautiful, I feel like a mother who shows her son for the first time on Instagram”, exclaims Morello. The guitar plays, his first riff is Psyco by Muse.

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There are some limits. For example, only one or can be tuned two strings at a time, because the tension would be so strong as to break the whole guitar. At the end of the video Morello launches a new promise“I like 50,000 I will exhibit this guitar as a work of art somewhere in Italy, I will find a way”.

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