Amazon prepares for October discounts: how the new Prime Day works

Amazon prepares for October discounts: how the new Prime Day works

Discounts for Prime customers will start at midnight on October 11th and run until October 12th.

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Prime Day, Black Friday and nowAmazon’s Prime Early Access Sale. In the calendar of Amazon discounts A new event is added this year. For 11 and 12 October the company founded by Jeff Bezos has announced a new event dedicated to discounts and reserved for Prime customers. The discount window will start at midnight on October 11th and will end at 11.59 pm the following day. There is no specific category of products involved: the discounts will involve different areas, from electronics to toys, passing through clothes, accessories and household items. The initiative involves 15 countries, including Italy.

Claudio Marchese, Amazon Prime product manager for Europe, explained that everything was born to offer a new service to Prime customers: “At Amazon we are always looking for new ideas to offer even more value to our Prime customers and Prime Exclusive Offers are another opportunity to give our customers access to great savings on the products of the brands they love the most. From home care products to fashion, ranging from beauty to electronics, Prime customers will be able to find a wide selection of offers and, once again, access only the best of shopping “.

The price increase of Prime in September

The announcement of the new Amazon Prime Early Access Sale comes after theincrease in the cost of the Prime subscription. In fact, since September 15, the price of Amazon’s Prime service in Italy has gone from 36 euros per year to 49.90 euros per year. A change of pace certainly not indifferent, given that calculator in hand, it is a jump of 39%. The price increases also involved the version of Prime dedicated to students: in this case the change was from 18 euros per year to 24.95 euros per year. Italy is not an isolated case: in recent years Amazon has decided to invest in video production and in the acquisition of TV rights for sporting events. A policy that, together with the rise in prices due to inflation, has led to cascading increases all over the world.

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