All of the vulnerabilities were patched with Mozilla’s newest today

All of the vulnerabilities were patched with Mozilla’s newest today

Mozilla this week released high severity security updates for the Firefox browser and Thunderbird mail client to address multiple vulnerabilities.

This is great because Firefox now has a way to ensure that subcomponents of their browser don’t ever get messed with and the user’s browsing experience can remain protected.

The browser refresh included patches for 13 vulnerabilities, including 6 that have a severity rating of high. Some of these patches were also given in Firefox & Thunderbird which is great news for people who use both programs.

The most severe of these security errors could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code within the context of the vulnerable app, potentially leading to full system compromise.

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This is the first high-severity vulnerability in a series of security issues found in some “man-in-the-middle” servers. This vulnerability could lead to exposure during navigation or user data access over the network. A memory corruption bug was identified and fixed, which should resolve all kinds of security variations that are caused by incorrect type conversions/sizes.

Mozilla fixed two spoofing vulnerabilities on their platform. One relates to full screen & pointer lock notification being missing (CVE-2021-43538) and the other relates to a use-after-free bug caused when the GC wasn’t tracing live pointers.

Mozilla rolled out four security updates on Tuesday which patched high severity vulnerabilities in Firefox and Thunderbird. They also announced a fix for a high-severity use-after-free flaw in Firefox for macOS.

Mozilla released new software that patched recent memory safety bugs and also provided fixes for medium to low-severity vulnerabilities.

The U.S. Bureau of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency today issued a warning to urge organizations to apply the available patches as soon as possible.

Mozilla has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in Firefox, Firefox ESR, and Thunderbird. These recent patches allow us to be more secure online & protect our systems from potential hackers.

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