Alexa can now speak in italics

Alexa can now speak in italics

“Of course amïœ, I have studied and now I am among the best students”. A totally different answer than the default one a few days ago, in which Alexa made fun of the phenomenon.

Whatever people say, italics spoken it has become a phenomenon capable of involving everyone. alexa compress. “Of course amïœ, I have studied and now I am among the best alumniæ. I follow all the lessons of cörsivœ. I can’t wait for the next vërificæ!”, This is the answer of the Amazon device to the question “Alexa, can you speak in italics? “. Seeing is believing. A totally different answer compared to the default one a few days ago, in which Alexa joked about the phenomenon with this joke: “I really can’t do it, amïo, I follow all the cursive lessons, but I did not pass the exam. And I thought that in 2022 there would be flying cars, other than italics amïo “.

The story triggered a series of videos on social media, in particular on TikTok, a platform that made the phenomenon not well seen by everyone mainstream. This is demonstrated by what happened on Morning News, a program conducted by Simona Branchetti on Canale5.

The origins of italics spoken are still uncertain. The beginning of this trend could be attributable to some young Italian singers, such as Blanco, Rkomi, Madame, Tha Supreme and Sangiovanni. However, the most accredited hypothesis sees the Italian youtuber as the protagonist Peter Ace and his cover of “Spigoli”. A further boost was then given by Chaimaa Cherbal and from his catchphrase “Are you okay?”. It is however with Elisa Esposito that the peculiar language has ended up on the crest of the wave. The credit goes to his “courses” published on TikTok, where he teaches the correct pronunciation of words in italics. A format that has increased its fame on the platform, going from 600,000 followers to 800,000 in a short time. Not surprisingly, one of her latest tiktoks sees Alexa’s rating and her speech in italics. Rating: 9.

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