A tiktoker corrects Meloni who speaks in Japanese: “The sentence she said does not mean anything”

A tiktoker corrects Meloni who speaks in Japanese: “The sentence she said does not mean anything”

Kenta, 273,000 followers, publishes a 60-second pill on Japanese culture every day.

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“So, like the Japanese. O cho ko ”. 24 August, Ancona. Giorgia Meloni is on the stage of the Brothers of Italy to officially launch the electoral campaign. Someone from the audience greets her. She reciprocates, raising her left hand. Then he looks at her and asks: “What hand is it? Let me be careful. What anxiety “. She then jokes that in order to avoid the risk of doing the Roman salute she would be willing to greet with a bow according to Japanese tradition. Two weeks later, the tiktoker of Japanese origin Kenta has decided to make a video to better explain to the leader of the Brothers of Italy how to greet in Tokyo.

“Hello Mr Meloni. My name is Kenta, I am Japanese and I am officially resident in Italy. I congratulate you on the bow. It’s just perfect, its inclination, timing, speed ”. But then comes the doubts about the phrase chosen to simulate the Japanese greeting: “Allow me, I didn’t quite understand what you meant by bowing. Maybe she meant ‘Good morning’, which in Japanese is ‘Konnichiwa’ or ‘Good evening’, hence ‘Konbanwa’. A politician of your caliber will also communicate with Japanese politicians, before he makes a fool of himself I wanted to tell you how to say good morning or good evening in Japanese ”.

Who is Kenta, the pill tiktoker on Japan

39 years old, Japanese origins, Kenta from his profile TikTok with 273,000 followers it publishes videos every day in which it tells how the Japanese language and culture works. Usually he does not deal with politics but explains the differences between oriental cultures, the names of typical dishes and keeps his followers updated on the holding of borders of his country, particularly closed to tourism after Covid. At the end of the video, Kenta also launched an invitation to Meloni: “I would be honored if one evening we could eat sushi together to talk about Japanese culture”.

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