A Russian channel on Twitch is keeping their stoves on all day just to make fun of Europe

A Russian channel on Twitch is keeping their stoves on all day just to make fun of Europe

The channel has already received a ban from the platform for “violation of community guidelines”

The shot is always the same. Fixed chamber on the stovephoto on Vladimir Putin in the background, a thermometer showing the temperature reached in the room and a clock to verify that everything is live. The protagonist is the flame: always on. In the background Russian music of various genres. So the Twitch channel RussianGas1 has decided to respond to the sanctions decided byEuropean Union which triggered the rising costs of fossil fuels. Highlighted above the stove is the cost of the whole operation: € 1.44 per month.

The channel has received a ban in recent days Twitch for “violation of community guidelines”. Since the channel is still active, it can be assumed that the block was temporary. RussianGas1 keeps the main stove in his kitchen on all day: during the live shows you only see that every now and then he turns on the other stoves to heat up some pots. Not bad for the viewers: it can count on an average of about 800 users interested in watching this provocation. The channel is also harvesting donations: at the moment he says he has received about 3,300 rubles (57 euros).

The price of gas in Russia

But is it really that cheap to burn gas in Russia? By checking the prices reported on the GlobalPetrolPrices.com portal it seems so. At the moment, the price of natural gas for one kWh is $ 0.136, at least if it is intended for domestic use. In the case of commercial activities, the price is lowered: $ 0.111 per kWh. Prices in Russia are falling considerably. For families, natural gas costs $ 0.009 per kWh while for commercial activities it costs $ 0.01 per kWh.

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