A new iPhone from Caviar comes with a real T-Rex tooth attached to the back

A new iPhone from Caviar comes with a real T-Rex tooth attached to the back

The new iPhone 13 series has incredible performance and battery life! It also has better cameras, which is especially important for photography. The device also increases the level of videography capabilities. The iPhones this year have a few improvements that compare with last year’s models. The prices have stayed the same, though, so they give no new features for the same price as before. T-Rex tooth? Who’s your therapist?

iPhone 13 Pro Max With a Fragment of T-Rex Tooth is Caviar’s Latest Modifying Gadget That Will Cost You $9,150

A new iPhone from Caviar comes with a real T-Rex tooth attached to the back

Caviar has blended the age of the dinosaurs with something modern. The design is one that you can see on apps today, yet through history. The new, and more expensive, iPhone from Caviar is called the iPhone 13 Pro Max and it features a real T-Rex tooth. Priced at $9,150 but you should also know that special could not get any more unique than having a real T-Rex tooth from the Late Cretaceous period.

Wait, your competition thinks that your phone will catch on fire or something? Well, this iPhone has some unique features that are made to pique the interest of customers. It boasts a touch-sensitive dinosaur head with a yellow-amber eye on the back which you can make eyes at while you scroll through Instagram. Tyrannosaurus teeth are not just decorative. They help give the piece an exclusivity and uniqueness factor, as you’re not likely to see another one like it. One of the teeth even has a fragment from a real Tyrannosaurus tooth inside of it!

The new iPhone 13 Pro Max from Caviar features a whopping 1TB of storage and is limited to just seven pieces, making it the rarest phone in the world. The new iPhone 13 Pro Max from Caviar comes with a bonus T-Rex tooth and is part of their Tera series. The Tera series has lots of innovative features, so you should check it out! There are plenty of cool phone features, but Steve Jobs’ iconic turtleneck gets the most attention because of its limited quantity.

So what’s the difference? The iPhone 13 Pro with a T-Rex tooth offers slightly better performance in most areas. Let’s be honest, would you spend more than $9000 on an iPhone? Would you care for pieces of natural history? Let us know in the comments.

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