A man had two chips implanted in his hand to access his Tesla

A man had two chips implanted in his hand to access his Tesla

The price for a single chip is about $ 300, plus another $ 100 for installation by a skilled technician.

Brandon Dalythirty-nine year old owner of one Tesla Model 3got implanted in the hand two scannable chips to access his car. In other words, Dalaly has made cyberpunk a reality. Anesthesia was not required for the installation of the chips, despite the pain caused by the different sizes of the two devices. “The first one was a bit smaller, so it wasn’t as painful as putting that giant rod in my hand,” Dalaly said in an interview for Teslarati. “The first came preloaded in a larger syringe. They inserted the needle and implanted the chip similar to a dog’s microchip.”

That of the owner of the Tesla Model 3 is not a story born from the simple passion for science fiction. Brandon Dalaly is in fact part of a group of 100 beta testers who are testing body chips on behalf of a young Seattle-based company called Vivokey, specializing in cryptobionic digital identity systems. In particular, its chips are coated with substances compatible with the tissues of the human body and can be used to access the home, store cryptocurrencies, data and more.

“The company that put all this together literally has its own app store where with these chips you can install apps into your body wirelessly. One of the apps turned out to be a Tesla key card,” said Brandon Dalaly. it was the first app I installed because I have a Tesla and now I use it as a key when the Bluetooth one fails or I don’t have the magnetic one with me. I only use my hand. “

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The price for a single chip is approx 300 dollars, plus another 100 for installation by a specialized technician. At least that’s what Dalaly paid as a beta tester. However, these are affordable prices for devices that seem to come out of dystopian futures in Blade Runner there. As for people’s reactions, the 39-year-old noted that for now the chips have turned out to be just a “fun party trick”. There is still one general skepticism against the intrusive presence of technology in everyday life, which is a paradox given the tracking of users who are able to make apps and smartphones.

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