200 euro pixel bears, how the Nft collection of Flavio Briatore’s son works

200 euro pixel bears, how the Nft collection of Flavio Briatore’s son works

All the subjects were created by Stefano Monda, a digital artist known for transforming celebrities into Simpsons characters.

One of the youngest CEOs in history. At the age of 12 Nathan Falco, son of Flavio Briatore, began to lead his company. His name is BillionaireBears and deals with selling Nft that allow you to access a series of services. In the eternal run-up to the next Big Tingh of the digital world, NFTs have for a long time seemed an excellent resource to invest in. In short, these are digital objects certified through the blockchain. They are non-replicable images, videos or documents accompanied by a strip of code that confirms their uniqueness.

Usually this technology is used in the world ofcontemporary art. Digital artists release a series of modular images that are all certified and auctioned just as if they were unique pieces. Nathan Falco he decided to test his entrepreneurial skills precisely in this type of business. The BillionaireBears are stuffed bears with a bottle of sparkling wine between their paws. Each of them is also equipped with accessories, which tend to be not so sober. There are teddy bears on the wrist gold watches, Hawaiian shirts open on the chest and diamond necklaces. The cost is around 200 euros.

The services offered with the BillionaireBears

The NFT market does not stop with published images. By purchasing a BillionaireBears you can access a range of luxury services, the latest advertised is a concierge that allows you to book exclusive club dinners, luxury cars and even flights aboard private jets. BillionaireBears currently has about 3,000 users on Instagram (not many for a project of this magnitude) and also organizes giveaways with bottles of champagne: even here to participate in the draw you must have purchased at least one bear.

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Steart, the artist behind the images

All the stuffed bears were created by Stefano Monda, known on Instagram as Steart. As he explains on his Instagram profile, Monda specializes in “simpsonization”, the transformation of real characters into protagonists of the Simpsons. On his Instagram account, Monda has transformed Springfielders into rappers and sports champions. The latest is Sfera Ebbasta with his partner Angelina and their first child in her arms.

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